Focus on Kata 20 August 2017


Don’t forget the next Focus on Kata Class will be held on the 20th August.

The class runs from 10am – 12pm and is being held at the following venue:

Bayhouse School
Stokes Bay

Cost will be £10 for adults and £5 for juniors.
Training is in the new sports hall so park on the school grounds the gym is on the opposite side of the road. Could I ask all intrstructors to urge your students to support this event.

More details will follow on all of these courses so keep checking back here on


Sensei Brian


Focus on Kata Classes for 2017


The next 3 focus on kata classes should be noted in your diary. If you cannot get to all three make sure you don’t miss out at least have
the dates. These popular courses are an ideal way to enjoy karate without too much blood and thunder.

  1. 19th February  at the Priory Academy in Portsmouth.
  2. Next the 9th April at the Crofton dojo
  3. 18th June also at the Priory Academy

More details will follow on all of these courses so keep checking back here on


Sensei Mick


Focus on Kata Class 19th February 2017

Thank you to everyone that turned out for the Focus on Kata Class on Sunday. I am really grateful to Sensei’s Alan Lewis and Brian Smith who took the lesson concentration on kata Jiin this time around. Any of you not at the instructors class last year may never have seen this kata before but not only is it short but it’s very difficult especially if you sit it alongside the other kata Jitte and Jion which start in a similar way. I’m sure everyone who attended had a good day and we missed those that didn’t make it this time but thank those that sent me their apologies. I look forward to seeing you all at the next Kata class on April the 9th.

We are now gearing up to the SEKU Championships next month on the 18th March, remember the change of venue as we are at Hombu dojo, otherwise known as the Portsmouth Academy, although in a different hall. There is plenty of parking around the back of the school.
Enjoy the day.


Sensei Mick




Focus on Kata Class 23rd October 2016

Thank you to everyone that turned out for the last Kata Focus Class, these classes are really enjoyable as we tone down the usual blood
and thunder for more technical and a relaxing way of learning. I am really grateful to Alan Lewis who came up with the idea of this class and wish we had started them sooner as it is a great way to get our members together. It is also a great way to meet our senior instructors away from the scary gradings that is the usual time we meet. The next class is only a couple of weeks away and the
instructors on that class
Sensei Alan Lewis and Sensei Stacey Crowe are no doubt brushing up their kihon kata as I type.
Enjoy the day and I’ll see you no doubt on the next one.


Sensei Mick

stacey-crowekfclassThe next course will take place at…alanlewiskfclass
Priory School
Fawcett Road
10am -12pm





Focus on Kata Class 21st August 2016

The next course will take place at…MRDPose21KatatCse

Neville Lovett Karate Club,

Fareham Academy
St Anne’s Grove
PO14 1JJ

10am -12pm


Focus on Kata Class 26th June at Priory School, Portsmouth.

The kata class is gaining in reputation as SEKU’s top instructors knock out their usual Sunday along with other like minded people and enjoy training together. These classes hark back to a more traditional time when training meant effort, commitkata26junment and concentration. There are no arms round the shoulders here if you make a mistake. Do it again and do it right as SEKU takes it’s students to better levels producing the squad members of the future taught by squad members and champions of the past.

It’s pot luck sometimes who you are going to get paired up with or who is going to teach. As you can see from these photo’s Sensei’s Alan Lewis and Stacey Crowe were among those attending Sunday’s class. Sensei Dewey took the seniors to task with Jion kata and Sensei Smith took the 4th kyu and below with Heian Godan kata. Both kata’kataBS26juns are excellent and testing in their intricacies but couple the moves with plenty of bunkai (practical application) and you have shotokan karate in what some might call it’s purest form. Students from the usual suspect clubs were present as were some from Machi Dojo in Uxbridge driving down for the day and enjoying the chance of a glimpse of the seas from Southsea and a post training ice cream, I hope Sensei Ken paid.

Sensei Dewey was impressed with the commitment of those who came along and took part. He believes this class is what grassroots karate is all about, feet on the dojo floor and practise. As Sensei Smith says, take what you learnt today and practice in your own dojo’s. Both Sensei’s look forward to seeing you at the next Focus on Kata Class around August so keep checking our events diary or click the link at the top of this page. Oss.katasc26jun

Kata Class 22nd May 2016

The Kata Focus Class was first mooted by Alan Lewis of Crofton SKC several years ago.ClassKata The classes attracted great support but it wasn’t open to all of SEKU just Crofton, as Alan wanted to increase his own students kata skill levels. Chief Instructor Sensei Mick Dewey always liked this idea and wanted to open it to the wider SEKU community. So if you want some extra kata training on a fairly regular basis keep an eye on the SEKU site and register your interest by turning up.

On May 22ndSenseiKataDrop the class was held at Crofton SKC. Sensei Dewey and Brian Smith both took the class with Sensei Smith taking care of the 4th Kyu and below students training in Tekki Shodan kata. Sensei Dewey’s class focussed on Nijishiho. Emphasis was placed on exact performance of the kata’s techniques for both competition and budo. Also added was some interesting and practical bunkai. The class was well received by everyone that attended with emails and more importantly Facebook comments that will reach the wider members of SEKU and encourage more members to attend.