It was a great day out at the Portsmouth Academy, home of Portsmouth KC dojo on the 24th March 2018 for the 36th Annual SEKU Championships. Seeing plenty of new faces and old friends from around the country interrupting their weekend in search of shotokan karate gold. Well done to all the competitors whatever your result, thanks you to all the instructors who organise their clubs/students for the event, a huge thanks to the judges, referees, timekeepers and especially the first aid of St John Ambulance who thankfully had a fairly quiet day. Finally the Mums, Dads, Grandparents and friends who came along to support.

We look forward to seeing you next time.

KUMITE: Men’s Team Kumite

1st Portsmouth KC
2nd Newport KC
3rd Lovedean

Men’s Individual Kumite Black Belt

1st Joe Crowe – Portsmouth
2nd Mike Grimwood – Saltash
Jnt 3rd Max Leach – Saltash & Andy Skerry – Crofton

Women’s Ind Kumite 7th kyu/Above

1st Emma Haw – Crofton
2nd Stephanie Carpenter – HASK
3rd Claire Lacy – Lovedean

Men’s Ind Kumite 7/2nd kyu

1st Ian Smith – Machi Dojo
2nd Russell Morris – Lovedean
3rd Norman Benn – Machi Dojo

Boy’s Ind Kumite 5ft & Above

1st Lewis Baldwin – HASK
2nd Christian Pereira
Jnt 3rd Liam Thomsett – Bromley & Matthew Latus – Crofton

Girls Ind Kumite 7kyu/Above

1st Isobelle Carpenter – HASK
2nd Tia Mills – HASK
3rd Maddy Ryalls – Salisbury SKC

Junior Sanbon Kumite 5ft and Above

1st Christian Pereira – Lovedean
2nd Jacob Webb – Salisbury
Jnt 3rd Rocco Walsh – Newport & Maddy Ryalls – Salibury SKC

Junior Sanbon Kumite Under 5ft

1st James Norton – Crofton
2nd Dillon Varlow – Crofton
Jnt 3rd Jasmine Mockridge – Salisbury & Thomas Fletcher – Crofton

Pee Wee Sanbon Kumite

1st Connor Barnes - Newport
2nd Harrisin Bacon - HASK
Jnt 3rd Shay Mills & Jade Freer


Adult Team Kata

1st Crofton
2nd Lovedean ‘A’
3rd Lovedean ‘B’

Men’s Ind Kata Black Belt

1st Mike Grimwoord – Saltash
2nd Steve Pereira – Lovedean
3rd Andy Skerry – Crofton

Women’s Ind Kata 3rd kyu/Above

1st Emma Haw – Crofton
2nd Claire Lacy – Lovedean
3rd Stephanie Carpenter – HASK

Men’s Ind Kata Brown Belt

1st Norman Benn – Machi Dojo
2nd Russell Morris – Lovedean
3rd Arthur Plant – Portsmouth

Men/Women Ind Kata 10/4th kyu

1st Michelle Godley – Portsmouth KC
2nd Neil Solly – Lovedean
3rd Shirene Greene – HASK
4th Carys Reckless – Lovedean

Junior Team Kata

1st Newport KC
2nd Crofton ‘A’
3rd Crofton ‘C’
3rd Crofton ‘B’

Junior Kata 3rd kyu/Above

1st Jacob Webb – Salisbury KC
2nd Maddy Ryalls – Salisbury KC
3rd Christian Pereira – Lovedean
4th Rocco Walsh – Newport KC

Junior Kata 10/4th kyu

1st Thomas Fletcher – Crofton
2nd Jake Moneypenny – Salisbury KC
3rd James Norton – Crofton
4th Liam Kennington – Crofton

Pee Wee Kata

1st Connor Barnes – Newport KC
2nd Freddie Paffett – Portsmouth KC
3rd Jade Freer – HASK 3rd Shay Mills – HASK