Another great day at the Annual Championships at the Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth, there was a great atmosphere throughout the day with plenty going on in both Kumite and Kata. The technical level was as  usual of a high standard. There were plenty of Referees, Judges, Desk Officials and willing helpers on hand to make the day go smoothly. Enthusiastic discussions took place at the end of the event around the ‘Technique of the Day’ was it  Isle of Wight man Andy Shorkey’s brilliant Jodan Mawashi-Geri, or Portsmouth’s veteran fighter Graham Rowley’s perfect Jodan Gyaku-Tsuki for Ippon?  Dan Walton from Saltash KC also produced the perfect Jodan Oi-Tsuki but was judged to be too heavy resulting in his disqualification.

It was another great enjoyable day and the organisers thank you all for taking part and supporting the day The date for next year will be advertised as soon as we receive confirmation.

Kumite Results

Mens Team Kumite

1st Portsmouth KC –

2nd Saltash KC –

Jnt 3rd Chichester/ISKF

Mens Individual Black Belt Kumite

1st Ben Tyler SKIF –

2nd Harry Miller Saltash KC –

Jnt 3rd Dan Walton Saltash KC/Ben Hobbs Saltsh KC

Mens Individual 7-1st Kyu Individual Kumite

1st Del Andrews – ISKF

2nd Simon White – Portchester KC

Jnt 3rd Dan Denyer Crookhorn KC/Matt O’Donnell – Crookhorn KC

Womens Black Belt Individual Kumite

1st Christy Nash – SSKI

2nd Zerina Shafi – Crofton SCK

3rd Sian Barr – Crookhorn KC

Womens Indivdual Brown Belt Kumite

1st Katerina Kontalipou – Portchester KC

2nd Joannah Boyd – Uxbridge KC

Youths Individual Kumite

1st Deniz Gencyigit – ISKF

2nd Tom Carson – SSKI

Jnt 3rd Matthew Cooper – SSKI/Ross Jenson – Plymouth Karate-Do

Boys Individual Kumite 5ft & Above

1st Oscar Huges – Chichester KC

2nd Oussami Bousbai – ISKF

Jnt 3rd Chris Cooper – SSKI/Nasim-Elmi-Hamdi – Plymouth Karate-Do

Boys Individual Kumite Under 5ft

1st Sohib Bousbai – ISKF

2nd Brendan Taylor – Plymouth Karate-Do

Jnt 3rd Jenson Walsh – Newport SKC/Jacob Goodhind – Plymouth Karate-Do

Girls Individual Kumite 5ft & Above

1st Harmeem Khan – Crofton SKC

2nd Bethan Bower – Newport SKC

3rd Ffion Langstone – Crowbridge KC

Jnr Sanbon Kumite 5ft & Above

1st Ffion Langstone – Crowbridge KC

2nd Oscar Hughes – Chichester KC

Jnt 3rd Harmeem Khan – Crofton SKC/Sam Porter – Newport sKC

Jnr Sanbon Kumite Under 5ft

1st Jenson Walsh – Newport SKC

2nd Sohib Bousbai – ISKF

Jnt 3rd Bronwed Evans – Crowbridge KC/Nisha Siva -Crofton SKC

Pee Wee Sanbon Kumite

1st Allessia Desiderio – Kanku KC

2nd Suja Siva -Crofton SKC

Jnt 3rd Adam Saci – ISKF/Yusay Khan – Crofton SKC

Kata Results

Mens Individual Black Belt  Kata

1st Mike Grimwood – Saltash KC

2nd Jason Hollister – Saltach KC

3rd Tom Carson – SSKI

4th Joe Crowe – Portsmouth KC

Womens Individual Black Belt Kata

1st Christy Nash – SSKI

2nd Zerina Shafi – Crofton SKC

3rd Sian Barr – Crookhorn KC

4th Claire Lacey – Lovedean KC

Mens Individual Brown Belt Kata

1st Ugnius Sukys – Portchester KC

2nd Matt O’Donnell – Portchester KC

3rd Dan Denyer – Crookhorn KC

4th Ross Jensen – Plymouth-Do

Mens & Womens Individual 10-4th Kyu Kata

1st Andy Morritt – Portchester KC

2nd – Andy Reilly – TKMA

Womens Individual Brown Belt Kata

1st Katerina Kontalapou – Portchester KC

2nd Joannah Boyd – Uxbridge KC

Jnr Individual 3rd Kyu & Above Kata

1st Ossmi Bousbai ISKF

2nd Fraser Wilson – Portsmouth KC

3rd Sharyar Khan – Crofton SKC

4th Nasin-Elmi-Hamdi – Plymouth Karate-Do

Jnr Individual 10-4th Kyu Kata

1st Ffion Langstone – Cowbridge KC

2nd Matthew Latus – Crofton SKC

3rd Ethan Kerr – TKMA

4th Nishaa Siva – Crofton SKC

Pee Wee Individual Kata

1st Natalie-Moles Rodrigues – ISKF

2nd Adam Saci – ISKF

3rd Zachary Jumnoodoo – TKMA

4th Chrystal Close – SSKI

Adult Team Kata

1st Portchester KC

2nd Saltash KC

Jnr Team Kata 

1st Crofton ‘A’ SKC

2nd Newport ‘A’ SKC

3rd Crofton ‘B’ SKC

We hope to see you all next year.