The second SEKU event of 2019 was a Black and Brown Belt Course at Priory School, Portsmouth on Sunday 10th February. Before the start of class Brian Smith sensei informed the class that SEKU Chief Instructor Mick Dewey sensei was unable to attend after his son Damon passing away after a long illness. This was the first and only Black and Brown Belt Course that sensei has missed in SEKU’s long history.
The class began with Malcolm Bradley 5th Dan (Newport Karate Club), running the class thro’ general warm-up stretching exercises. Alan Lewis 7th Dan then instructed the class in typical combination work from both first and second Dan grading syllabus. Alan broke down each combination into sections thus ensuring each section was completed in its own right.
After a well-deserved “water break”, it was into the second hour of the course and kata Jion with Brian Smith sensei, 7th Dan. As one of my favourite kata, it was great to see some newer junior and senior students embrace something new to learn. As with the previous class, each section as broken down into small manageable sections with the class encouraged to participate with questions and any clarification requirements as we went. Some bunkia (applications) were also practiced before the end of class and moving onto the final section of the day.
Class three was kumite. After the usual “water break” class resumed with ran-dori (light free style pair work) with multiple opponents. Once the spirit was raised the class progressed onto two variations of Jyu-ippon Kumite. This proved to be a good subject matter as the newer students were able to learn new karate for their future development whist established karate-ka practiced and honed their already considerable skill level. The class and course then began to wind up with Brian Smith sensei using the famous instructor phrase “just one more time” on several occasions.
It was good to see so many new students, junior and senior training along-side some established and senior grade SEKU members and instructors, inspirational to say the least.

The final section of the day was that of some student taking their black belt examination. Both SEKU and the Technical panel would like to congratulate Matthew Latus (Crofton) on attaining his Junior Shodan along with Simon Barnes (Newport) and Alastair Smith (Lovedean K.C.) on both being successful on passing their Nidan gradings.

The next scheduled SEKU event is on Sunday 3rd March, 10:00 – 12:00 at Priory School, Southsea. We hope to see you there.

Brian Smith, 7th Dan
SEKU Technical Panel.