A great SEKU Black & Brown Belt Course at the Medina Leisure Centre Newport IOW was held on the 7th February 2016. The training, led by Sensei Dewey who began the class with a reminder that we must practice our basics before moving on to free-flow and advanced techniques. Working in groups, the class then progressed by applying the basis techniques before moving on to advanced movement in premeditated Kumite using minimum effort but giving maximum effect.

In the absence of Sensie’s Mervyn O’Donnell & Brian Smith, the next two classes were conducted by Sensei’s Alan Lewis & Terry Oliver. Both Instructors came in at short notice a gave lessons in Kata ‘Bassai Sho’ (A Lewis) and ‘Kanku Dai’ (T Oliver) some interesting Bunkai.

The class was followed by Dan grade examinations for 1st & 2nd Dans.

Congratulations to these successful examinees who were as follows:

Ni-Dan                      Joe Crowe               Portsmouth KC

Sho-Dan                   David Hollis             Uxbridge KC

Sho-Dan                   Joanna Boyd           Uxbridge KC

Jnr. Sho-Dan            Sam Porter              Newport SKC

Jnr. Sho-Dan            Tom Porter              Newport SKC

Jnr Sho-Dan     Bethan Stafford-Bower   Newport SKC

The next Black & Brown Belt Training will be Sunday 8th May 2016 Bridport Leisure Centre, Bridport, Dorset