Sunday was yet another course which normally is fine but it’s warm at the moment so the sweating increases as you can see by the photos kindly snapped by Ken Lyons from Machi dojo. Sensei Smith & I took the session to be fair mainly Sensei Brian Smith as I thought I’d be Master Po for the day and observe. I took the class through a sequence of basic blocking with stance changes the coordination of which turned out rather a challenge to some of the class members and proved to be a useful exercise. During the second class we were treated to some unusual Heian Kata sequences from Sensei Brian, these also proved to a challenge to the class. The final class was also given over to Kata movements by which time the heat hat taken its toll and we closed the training. Congratulations go to Isabelle Sene from Lovedean Karate Club and to Martin Pryce from the Fareham Academy Karate Club who on the day were both awarded their First Dan Black Belts


The class was enjoyed by those attending, I thank them all for making the journey especially those crossing the most expensive piece of water in Europe (maybe the world) Malcolm and Mick, and hope I see those that couldn’t make it this time on the next one. Which will be the Instructor course in September.

Don’t forget 17th November 2018 will see the Portsmouth Open making it’s 47th annual appearance please train and look towards entering that one we love having a full hall on competition day and some of you will end up with a full cabinet of trophies.