Last weekend in the run up to Christmas there was another Focus on Kata course held by SEKU. These events are almost monthly and serve to help those with an interest in improving themselves beyond the usual weekly classes. It takes a special kind of desire to do extra training but it pays off as you can see in some of the results in competition recently. Sensei Brian Smith 7th dan, taught alongside myself and posted this by way of description for those who preferred staying in bed.

“This morning SEKU held its final course of 2017. A full 2 hours of Gojyushiho Dia with application and a twist at the end. The course was well attended with the class started by Sensei Mick Dewey followed by Sensei Brian Smith teaching the kata and application. Judging by the expressions and body language of those training everyone seems to have enjoyed the mornings class.”


For myself another great day, thank you all for attending and if you didn’t I hope we see you on the next course, keep an eye on the SEKU website for details.