On Sunday 24th June SEKU held another Focus on Kata Class, despite the unusual hot British weather and World Cup Football (England) on the TV.

The class was well attended although given the circumstances the cynics amongst us felt it could be different, thank you for giving us your support. SEKU’s top two senior instructors were teaching, Mick Dewey sensei and Brian Smith sensei.

The first half of the class was with Sensei Smith covering some of the more intricate and neglected movements of Heian Godan. This kata tends to be favourite especially amongst junior grades and it’s movements obviously suit the transition for brown belts to Basai Dai. It’s almost as if Master Funakoshi designed it that way (cough).

The second half of the class was taken by Sensei Dewey this time covering Heian Nidan culminating in some bunkai (application). As always sensei Dewey’s personal extra curricula background in Goju ryu and Higoanna sensei adds to his deeper understanding and practicality of bunkai. You may not be able to chase two rabbits but once you catch one start thinking about the next meal.

If you haven’t yet attended the focus on Kata classes do it you will find them really enjoyable. These kata only classes are conducted on a less formal basis, open to ALL grades from beginner to black belts covering a host of kata aspects. Good foundation in kata will improve your karate immeasurably.

We hope to see you at the next class.