Sunday the 12th of June saw SEKU instructors gather for another 3+ hours of detailed training. The day before senior SEKU Instructors, Brian Smith, Alan Lewis, Terry Oliver along with Sensei Mick Dewey gathered to discuss the day’s training at length and plot the talking points.


This means once the instructors arrive it’s simply a matter of putting on the gi and away we go. The first session was taken by Sensei Dewey as always concentrating some of the finer points of Haian Nidan, use of hips, breathing and relaxation of technique. There was an interesting point on positioning of the kokutsu dachi as well as historical points on how the stance has evolved within SEKU in line with the JKA.

The second session was taken by Malcom Bradley focussing on kata Ji’in. This short but technical kata was a welcome change to some and again keeps SEKU instructors pushing not just their students but themselves. Sensei Bradley also demonstrsated bunkai from the kata and everyone took something from the session.

Finally Sensei Smith took us all through Jyu Ippon Sho kumite. He explained the various stages through from simple sanbon kumite, kihon ippon and into the semi freestyle kumite required beyond 3rd kyu gradings. This sessions was particularly hectic switching partners gaining bruises but creating a better understanding both of the format and what our examiners need when students go forward for gradings up to shodan.

Terry Oliver along withIMG_9022 Sensei Dewey presented badges for those that had recent passed their judges/referees course. Referees Eden Burrell, Paul Moreby, David Stares, Judges Ian Linford, Lawrence Davidson and Andrew Latus. Terry himself was presented with a whiskey decanter to thank him for his excellent effort steering the SEKU squad in his time as Team Manager which he did with enthusiasm, skill and leading from the front as ever.

The final applause was left for Malcolm Bradley (Newport) and Mike Grimwood (Saltash). Mike at the young age of 25 took his 4th dan examination the youngest ever and in fact the rules were changed at a meeting to allow this event. No one doubts Mike’s skill and dedication, starting at a very young age to say he has excelled is an understatement. It was a gruelling examination culminating in a final round of randoori kumite that was more budo than anything. Well done Mike and congratulations. Malcolm Bradley also should be congratulated, his lesson and training meant, after many years of service to the karate cause with SEKU, he was awarded his 5th dan. A superb effort by both of them.

That’s the news, see you on the 10th July for the Black and Brown belt course at the Priory School, Fawcett Lane in Portsmouth. Oss.SEKU Logo