A great day began with a warm up training session for all competitors led by Sensei Alan Lewis who hosted the Championship along with Senseis Dewey and O’Donnell. Also in attendance as Referees, Judges and Officials were other Senior Instructors and members including Sensei Terry Oliver (no doubt passing his eye over potential future Superstars for the SEKU Team Squad) and the ubiquitous and experienced Referee, Chris Carr. Thanks to all others who attended as helpers and corner Judges etc.

Kata Results:

Junior Gades: 1st Jack Kelleher – Chichester KC

Senior Grades: 1st Vilius Suckys – Portchester KC

Sanbon Kumite Results:

Under 4’9”: 1st Matthew Latus – Crofton SKC

Over 4’9”: 1st Toby Conway – Portsmouth KC

Special Award for Best/Spirited Performance:

Archie Louth – Crofton SKC

Well done to all who attended and look out for the same event again next year.