Another superb day for SEKU with support as always from the members. Would we like more people to enter? Of course we would we want our squad to have more members, more competitions and more trophies in the future. It is also great to catch a few moments with our extended family and friends.



Men’s Team Kumite
1 Saltash
2 Portsmouth
3 Lovedean
4 Crofton

Men’s Ind Kumite

1 Joe Crowe Portsmouth
2 Danny Walton Saltash
3 Mike Grimwood Saltash
3 Aaron Periera Lovedean

Ladies Kumite Finals
1 Emma Haw Crofton
2 Zerina Shafi Crofton
3 Claire Lacey Lovedean

Men’s Ind Kumite 7-2nd kyu
1 Norman Benn Uxbridge
2 Kevin Day Lovedean
3 Oliver Latus Crofton
3 Russell Morris Lovedean

Boys Ind Kumite 10/15 yrs
1 Sharyar Khan Crofton
2 Aidan Letzer Portsmouth
3 Christian Pereira Lovedean
3 Cameron Smith Lovedean

Girls Ind Kumite 10/15 years
1 Rosie Neville Saltash
2 Harmeem Khan Crofton

Jnr Sambon 5’ & above
1 Rosie Neville Saltash
2 Cameron Smith Lovedean
3 Cory Swinfield Newport
3 Saanvi Gamesh Crofton

Jnr Sambon under 5’
1 Matthew Latus Crofton
2 Yusef Khan Crofton
3  Sam James Crofton
3 Marcel Leininski Portsmouth

Peewee Sambon kumite
1 Connor Barnes Newport
2 Sophie Thornhill Crofton
Jnt 3 David Bozsir Portsmouth
3 Robert Palfi Portsmouth


Adult Team Kata
1 Crofton
2 Lovedean A
3 Lovedean C
4 Portsmouth University

Men’s Ind Kata
1 Mike Grimwood Saltash
2 Rob Maynard Portsmouth
3 Danny Walton Saltash
4 Andy Skerry Crofton

Ladies Ind Kata

1 Zerina Shafi Crofton
2 Claire Lacy Lovedean
3 Emma Haw Crofton

Men/Women Ind Kata 10/4th kyu
1 Seth Wong Portsmouth University
2 Haries Ina Portsmouth University
3 Carys Reckless Lovedean
4 Dom Price Portsmouth Unversity

Junior Team Kata
1 Crofton A
2 Newport
3 Crofton B
4 Crofton C

Jnr Kata 10/4th Kyu Boys/Girls
1 Yusef Khan Crofton
2 Liam Thompsett Bromley
3 Suja Sivalingathason Crofton
4 Dylan Varlow Crofton

Jnr Kata 3rd kyu & Above
1 Rosie Neville Saltash
2 Aidan Letzer Portsmouth
3 Sharjah Khan Crofton
4 Jenson Walsh Newport

Pee Wee Kata
1 Connor Barnes Newport
2 Sophie Thornhill Crofton
3 Walter Wood Lovedean
4 David Bozsir Portsmouth

Results below are for the ‘perpetual’ trophies as selected by Sensei Dewey 8th dan, Chairman, Chief Instructor and Founder of SEKU in 1982.

Team Kumite Shield:
Men's Ind Kumite:
Joe Crowe (Portsmouth)
Ladies Ind Kumite:
Emma Haw (Crofton)
Simon Staples Trophy for Technical Excellence:
Mike Grimwood (Saltash)
Hannah Day Trophy for Technical Excellence:
Rosie Neville (Saltash)
Biff Thompson Memorial Trophy (for 'Spirit')
Connor Barnes (Newport I.O.W.)

Well done everyone and see you all at the SEKU competition in March 2018.