The 19th of March dawned and while SEKU members made their way towards the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth a few stalwarts began at 7:00am with the organisers and keen helpers unloading the safety mats from the delivery van. Chichester Karate Club’s Dave Stares being an old hand, took the lead in organising them. That done the rest of the hall was set up, Maureen and Faye got ready for the arrival of entrants and the day was underway from the moment Beryl Moreby was in her spot! I must thank everyone who came and helped in both set up and pull down.






Mens Team Kumite                                        Mens Individual Black Belt Kumite                                 

1st Saltash KC                                                 1st Joe Crowe – Portsmouth KC

2nd Portsmouth KC                                         2nd Mike Grimwood – Saltash KC

3rd Newport SKC                                            Jnt 3rd Steve Gibbons – Portsmouth KC/Ben Hobbs – Saltash KC

4th Gibraltar SKC








Womens Individual Kumite                          Mens Individual Kumite 7th – 1st Kyu Kumite

1st Zerina Shafi – Crofton SKC                        1st Ross Jenson – Plymouth KC

2nd Zyan Rebono – Gibraltar SKC                   2nd Brendan Roche – Gibraltar SKC

3rd Lucy Everald – Machi Dojo                         Jnt 3rd Tim Hitchens – Chichester/Kristian Menez – Gibraltar

Boys Individual Kumite 5′ & Above              Girls Individual Kumite 7th Kyu & Above

1st Oscar Hughes – Chichester KC                  1st  Harmeen Khan – Crofton SKC

2nd Fraser Wilson – Portsmouth KC                 2nd Rosie Neville – Saltash KC

3rd Nasim Elm-Handi – Plymouth KC                3rd Chloe Bunce – Saltash KC

4th Sharia Khan – Crofton SKC                         4th Bethan Stafford-Bower – Newport SKC

Jnr Sanbon Kumite Und 5′                             Jnr Sanbon Kumite Und 5′

1st Sam James – Crofto SKC                            1st Aiden Letzer – Portsmouth KC

2nd Mathew Latus – Crofton SKC                      2nd Rosie Neville – Saltash KC

3rd Jacob Goodhind – Plymouth KC                  Jnt 3rd Jenson Walsh/Tom Porter                                                                                                             Newport SKC


Pee Wee Sanbon Kumite      IMG_2044

1st Suja Silva – Crofton SKC

2nd Dylan Varlow – Crofton SKC

Jnt 3rd Roco Walsh – Newport SKC/Liam Thompsett – Bromley





Team Kata                                                         Mens Black Individual Belt Kata

1st Portsmouth KC                                             1st Mike Grimwood – Saltash KC

2nd Saltash KC                                                   2nd Rob Maynard – Portsmouth KC

3rd Crofton SKC                                                 3rd Joe Crowe – Portsmouth KC

4th Gibraltar SKC                                               4th Scott Purtill – Plymouth KC

Ladies Kata 3rd Kyu & Above                          Mens Brown Belt Kata

1st Zerina Shafi – Crofton SKC                             1st Tom Lee – Crofton SKC

2nd Lucy Everald – Uxbridge KC                          2nd Michael Osborne – Crofton SKC

N/A                                                                       3rd Paul Crudgington – Gibraltar SKC

N/A                                                                       4th Brendan Roche – Gibraltar SKC

Mens & Ladies Ind Kata 10/4th Kyu                Junior Team Kata

1st Zyanne Debono – Gibraltar SKC                   1st Newport SKC

2nd Kristian Menez – Gibraltar SKC                     2nd Crofton A

3rd Russell Morris – Lovedean KC                       3rd Portsmouth KC

4th Tim Hitchens – Chichester SKC                      4th Crofton C

Jnr Kata Boys & Girls 3rd Kyu & Above          Jnr Kata Boys & Girls 10/4th Kyu

1st Oscar Hughes – Chichester SKC                    1st Paige Shaw – Crofton SKC

2nd  Harmeen Khan – Crofton SKC                       2nd Abbey Childs – Portsmouth KC

3rd Nasim Elm-Handi – Plymouth KC                     3rd Jack Kelleher – Chichester SKC

4th Rosie Neville – Saltash KC                                4th James Burrell – Crofton SKC


Pee-Wee Kata

1st Yusef Khan – Crofton SKC

2nd Liam Thompsett – Bromley KC

3rd Dylan Varlow – Crofton SKC

4th Millie Smith – Uxbridge KC



                 Joe Crowe – Kumite                     Mike Grimwood – Adult Technical Excellence

Zerina Shafi – Kumite and Kata                     Team Kata – Saltash KC

Oscar Hughes – Junior Technical Excellence