SEKU squad

The SEKU squad is comprised of talented, dedicated and ambitious karate-ka from across the membership of the association. Each squad member is able to participate in the squad environment due to the nurturing and sound guidance given over a sustained period of time by a group of eternal karate enthusiasts, namely their club instructors. Therefore all successes are not merely those of the individuals or the Squad coaches but that of the SHOTOKAN of ENGLAND KARATE UNION as a whole.

Admittance to squad training is simple. Regular training with your club instructor. Instructors are consulted on this. Regular training on the open squad classes and a measure of competition success although this final point is not exclusive.


Yes, it is hard work.

Yes, it requires dedication and commitment

But….the rewards are huge. Ask any of the people already training on the squad or come along and see.

Squad Training Sessions take place at Dorchester Judo Club. Information on dates and times can be found on the events page. A full breakdown of the latest squad achievements can be found on the Squad News page.

Squad Management

The SEKU Competition Squad is currently managed by Sensei Terry Oliver 5th Dan, and coached by Sensei Steve Hollister 5th Dan.

Between them these two inspiring karateka have more than 70 years experience!