The first squad session of the year took place on Sunday 6th January and it was good to see a few new faces.  This is encouraging as we always hope to develop new members and maintain a strong SEKU squad representation.

The content of the kata class focused on small details of fundamental movement e.g. turning correctly and correct body positioning.  Although the kata practised were relatively junior e.g. Heian Shodan, Hiean Godan, Jion, the principles held true for all aspects of kata practise.

Regarding the Kata squad, it was announced that this will only be attended by those invited to do so.  The reasons for this are to further develop those karate-ka who perform kata at a high level.  This is not to exclude others or to dissuade anyone from striving to be part of this class.  Indeed, where it is noticed that individuals demonstrating the will, desire and ability to represent SEKU in kata competition, these will then be invited into this class.  In short, dedication and hard work will be rewarded with an invite and hopefully, in the fullness of time,  international success.

Following a short break, the kumite class commenced.  (Open to all SEKU members).  These classes generally focus on no more than 1 or 2 principles as was the case today.  Whist difficult to put into words, the class practised double gyaku tsuki from an optimum distance.  This was extended to getting into the correct distance to apply the technique.

As always Sensei Hollister is continually trying to produce an innovative class for the group and we hope that all squad members will include the content of the class into their daily training as well as keeping the personal fitness at a high level.

Well done to all and especially to the new attendees.  See you all again on the 27th January.