On Saturday 10th March, the SEKU squad travelled to Bracknell for the usual opening tournament of the year. Many of the seniors have now retired for various reasons and therefore the squad is generally made up of cadets and juniors. It should be noted that many of this group have now been part of the squad for a few years and while young, are seasoned competitors. I would also add that there is plenty of opportunity for any SEKU member to train with this group and enjoy the camaraderie and success. (See squad page on SEKU website).

There were many good performances on the day with squad members picking up trophies in every category entered. Of the seniors, Rob Maynard and Jason Hollister were kata finalists as was Danny Walton in the kumite. Julie Brightman again excelled in the kata. Young Ben Hobbs had a great day with a 3rd place in the kata and pipping George Oliver in a tense final in the cadet kumite.

Well done to all the squad who competed on the day as well as the SEKU referees who officiated on the day. Sensei T.Oliver, A. Lewis, C. Carr and P. Moreby.


Male Cadet Kumite 16-20 yrs 1st Ben Hobbs

Male Cadet Kumite 16-20 yrs 2nd George Oliver

Men’s team kumite 1st (Danny Walton/George Oliver/Mike Grimwood)

Mixed team kumite 1st (Danny Walton/Julie Brightman/Mike Grimwood)

Male team kata 2nd (Jason Hollister/Mike Grimwood/Harry Miller)

Male senior ind. kata 2nd Rob Maynard

Male senior ind. kata 3rd Jason Hollister

Male cadet ind. kata 2nd Sam Weaver

Male cadet ind. kata 3rd George Oliver

Male cadet ind. kata 3rd Ben Hobbs

Vets Mixed Kata 2nd Julie Brightman

Ladies ind. kata 3rd Julie Brightman

Junior 12-15 ind. kata 1st Elliott Smith

Ladies 8-4 kyu ind. kata 2nd Allana Hollister

Senior male ind. kumite 3rd Danny Walton

Junior 12-15 ind. kumite 3rd Brooke Walklin